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This technology is analogue to the mini trench  but both the drillings and equipment employed are of extremely reduced dimensions. In particular, the surface drilling has a maximum length of 1.6cm with a maxi  depth of 15 cm- This technology is particularly indicated, both in urban and extra urban environments, […]


This technology allows the laying of subservice infrastructures, such as water, electricity and telecommunication services, through the simultaneous execution or non of reduced dimension reaming of the road surface, pipe or cable layout and furrow filling with cemented mortar. The technique is applicable on layouts which involve, generally, asphalted, concrete […]

Rod Pusher

This allows the laying of tubes of 600 – 1500mm in diameter; it is analogue to Micro tunnelling but differs from it for the absence of a cutter positioned on the drill head and for the fact that the drilling can not be directed. This technology is prevalently used for […]

Impact Mole

This allows the laying of pipelines of 90-180 mm in diameters which are realized through dry-drilling by means of compressed air thrust systems, from an entry pit to an exit pit. The pipe is laid directly during drilling, by connecting it to the mole extremity using appropriate fittings of small […]

TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine)

The TBM technology is quite similar to  that of the micro-tunnelling and allows the realisation of  large and long-sized tunnels in any soil typology, by means of   a cutting head with the optional insertion of internal linings. The  range varies from  2 m  to 12 m  and can be used […]


This technology allows the laying of steel, cement or gres ceramic pipes of a diameter of 250-2,500 mm . the laying is performed by pushing the tubes of lengths varying between 1-3 meters from an entry well on an exit one. The front part of the pipe is made up  […]

Horizontal Directional Drilling

This allows the laying of polyethylene  or steel pipelines of a diameter of 40-1600mm), used in the supply of all types of subservices (including petrochemical products), The laying is performed by means of horizontal directional drilling from an entry point to an exit point, without digging trenches. The technique involves […]