Italia NO DIG LIVE 2023

Italia NO DIG LIVE is the Italian fair exclusively dedicated to Trenchless Technologies (or NO DIG), which will be held at the Novegro Exhibition Park (MI) from 24 to 26 May 2023. It is a showcase representing the entire NO DIG production chain, especially national. It is a key opportunity […]


The European NO DIG Conference is an event of high technical and scientific importance at European level, during which speakers will have the opportunity to present their work to an audience of experts. The Conference will be held on 25 May 2023 at the Parco Esposizioni NOVEGRO  (Segrate – Milan) […]

Training course at University of Pavia

IATT’s training activities are growing and are aimed to reach young professionals. We are define several cooperation with Universities and technical institutes to teach and promote trenchless technologies, thus offering new labour market opportunities. First step is the organization of two webinars at University of Pavia, within the Bachelors’ degree […]


This technology is analogue to the mini trench  but both the drillings and equipment employed are of extremely reduced dimensions. In particular, the surface drilling has a maximum length of 1.6cm with a maxi  depth of 15 cm- This technology is particularly indicated, both in urban and extra urban environments, […]


This technology allows the laying of subservice infrastructures, such as water, electricity and telecommunication services, through the simultaneous execution or non of reduced dimension reaming of the road surface, pipe or cable layout and furrow filling with cemented mortar. The technique is applicable on layouts which involve, generally, asphalted, concrete […]

Rod Pusher

This allows the laying of tubes of 600 – 1500mm in diameter; it is analogue to Micro tunnelling but differs from it for the absence of a cutter positioned on the drill head and for the fact that the drilling can not be directed. This technology is prevalently used for […]

Impact Mole

This allows the laying of pipelines of 90-180 mm in diameters which are realized through dry-drilling by means of compressed air thrust systems, from an entry pit to an exit pit. The pipe is laid directly during drilling, by connecting it to the mole extremity using appropriate fittings of small […]