TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine)

The TBM technology is quite similar to  that of the micro-tunnelling and allows the realisation of  large and long-sized tunnels in any soil typology, by means of   a cutting head with the optional insertion of internal linings. The  range varies from  2 m  to 12 m  and can be used […]


This technology allows the laying of steel, cement or gres ceramic pipes of a diameter of 250-2,500 mm . the laying is performed by pushing the tubes of lengths varying between 1-3 meters from an entry well on an exit one. The front part of the pipe is made up  […]

Horizontal Directional Drilling

This allows the laying of polyethylene  or steel pipelines of a diameter of 40-1600mm), used in the supply of all types of subservices (including petrochemical products), The laying is performed by means of horizontal directional drilling from an entry point to an exit point, without digging trenches. The technique involves […]

Tube detector

This allows the detection of sub-soil metallic structures(coils and pipelines) the exploitation of the generation properties of magnetic fields. The technique, preliminary to digging operations, does not, however, provide indications to the depth of objects or underground structures of other materials.

Cameras and CCTV systems

The technology allows the inspection of the internal surfaces of water, sewer and gas pipelines, as well as tanks, wells and cisterns. It is prevalently used to analyse the pipeline conditions and plan their rehabilitation, insomuch as  it allows the evaluation of real dimensions, and the identification of fractures, intrusions […]


These allow the non destructive or non invasive detection of the presence and position of objects in the sub-soil to a depth of several metres, using the phenomenon of the reflection of electromagnetic waves of particular frequencies. The system consists in a control and data acquisition unit, and of one […]

From Best practise to Technical Standard

UNI has accepted IATT’s request to transfor the best practise 26.3:2017 “Low environmental impact underground infrastructure technology – Directional Drilling system – HDD” into a Technical Standard. For this purpose, an online questionnaire has been prepared according to UNI requirements, to collect a series of information proving the interest of […]

25th Anniversary of IATT

Florence- During the International No Dig 2019, in the framework of the magnificent Fortezza da Basso, IATT celebrated its 25th anniversary. In a familiar atmosphere, going back to memories and anecdotes, the founding members have remembered the first steps moved by the Association and the goals achieved up todays thanks […]

Le tecnologie di risanamento NO – DIG delle reti idriche sono state protagoniste nella prima serata di Rai 3

Le tecnologie di risanamento NO – DIG delle reti idriche protagoniste nella prima serata di Rai 3 perché offrono soluzioni economicamente vantaggiose, veloci ed ecosostenibili. Anche il Ministro dell’ Ambiente Costa ha parlato dell’ esistenza in Italia di gestori virtuosi, come MM,  che attraverso l’ utilizzo di tecniche non invasive […]