Financed National Projects


To measure the level of development of a Country among the different and various markers, infrastructure advancing level plays a crucial role. A country that aims to appeal foreign investments to improve and develop tourism needs to provide an excellent level of service and infrastructures, advanced if compared to others countries.  In this scenario IATT pursues its mission of best practices dissemination which is aimed at  point out that a good and wise management of infrastructures, together with the improvement of sustainable systems for  digital networks. Advanced technologies applied to networks management entail a whole range of advantages such as the costs control and inconveniences for  citizens and municipalities.  Especially following this aims and its mission, IATT signed a series of agreements with Public Administrations prescribing the creation of internal and National projects such the ones listed below.



In 2010 IATT started a partnership with Lombardy Region and ANCI Lombardia ( Association of Lombardy Municipalities) to define the procedures for the creation of a subservices cadastre.  The national and international experiences of our members, together with their specialized know – how (subsoil georadar technologies investigations and video inspections) were the inspiration of this major project.  This pilot project comes under the name of “ Shared planning of the subservices in the districts of Milan, Rho, Pero a Arese” and it has been also the starting point of a longstanding partnership with Italian Ministry of Economic Development, Lombardy Region, ANCI Lombardia, and Utilitalia (Association of water energy and environmental agencies).  The project, ended in 2012, has result in a best practices presented at the Expo 2015.   Please visit



IATT has renewed a Master Agreement with the Italian Ministry of Economic Development concerning the identification of interventions aimed at promoting and developing the competitiveness of national production system, in the framework of increasing the internationalization of enterprises. Under the umbrella of this Master Agreement, the following project has been developed: Upsidedown project: promotion of the Public Works chain in Kurdistan (Iraq).

This project is aimed at promoting guide lines and methods for the Regulatory of Urban Plans of the Underground (as telecommunication, sewages, energy), which will be integrated with infrastructures works, through the utilization of trenchless technologies.  The main objects are:

  • training and education on trenchless technologies, as a commercial promoting instrument, and capacity building. At this regards a permanent training center in Erbil has been established, thus make Kurdistan becoming a centre of excellence;
  • forming and organizing a technical support staff able to call for foreign tenders, through the  modelling of Regulatory Urban Plans;
  • developing a governance of the belowground network through the utilization of trenchless technologies (as georadar and mapping systems).
  • helping SME, skilled and ready for the internationalization but still financially weak for global market, bringing them into a context able to cut promotion costs and in the meantime creating subcontracting chains together with large corporate.

The Project, closed in 2013, was not only a great success but also a crucial  milestone and a great example to apply in other contexts, different from the Kurdish one, always with the cooperation and support of Public Administration.