EZ Line


Existing underground pipe infrastructure is old and rapidly deteriorating in cities around the World. The need to undertake repairs is becoming increasingly urgent. The London catchment area alone loses 890 million litres of water every day. In Italy more than 8 billion cubic meters of drinkable water are pumped in the aqueduct network , of which 2,6 billion (representing the 30% of overall quantity) are wasted trough leaks.

The awful management of water pipelines added to the lack of revenues due to illicit nooses, cause a loss inItalyof more than 220 million euro per year. Over the next 60 years just in Italy more than 171.866 Km of water infrastructures will need to be repaired, possibly with relining and rehabilitation technologies.


The renewal and substitution of pipe infrastructure through traditional and old well known methods is expansive, time consuming and distruptive.  In addition to this, tight margins, large liabilities and rising insurance costs are putting pressure on SMEs working in the pipe sector, further delaying the undertaking of remedial works.

Compounding these problems, increasingly stringent European legislation on drinking water quality is creating significant demand for pipe rehabilitation programs to be undertaken across the whole ofEurope.


The EZ – Lining System has been developed, during the last 5 years, exactly as an answer to this dramatic situation, to address the ‘key’ issues in pipe relining, and will provide a real answer to many of the concerns that affect all current pipe lining products/systems worldwide.


By utilising state of the art technology the EZ- Lining System offers both in its liner and in its installation system a novel approach that provides both a very strong liner , that has no harmful resins, is quick to install and does not waste any of the precious resources that is designed to protect.

And it’s not all, here just a few numbers to reason about: the total European market potential for pipe rehabilitation is estimated to be 2,5 -3,5 billion per year, equivalent to about 20,000 Km of pipe that will need intervention in the next years. It shines clearly how strong the investment potential for SME related to this kind of brand new technologies is.

In fact to survive and meet market need, the SME members need access to rehabilitation technologies that can meet the demanding requirements of pipe repair whilst providing a fast, versatile and cost effective method for undertaking this work.


EZ – Lining System can achieve the following needs:

  • a trenchless technology with low maintenance requirements and fast production rates;
  • a less labour intensive process resulting in lower labour costs, less disruption and faster repair;
  • a technology capable of relining longer runs of pipe in a single operation;
  • a technology that provides reduced costs through reduced infrastructure and faster repairs;
  • a technology capable of achieving consolidation even in pipes with significant defects;
  • improved versatility; a liner capable of relining a wide variety of pipe diameters;
  • no risk of chemical contamination from the liner


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