Joining the IATT

You can enrol with one of the following options:

  • Corporate members: Network agencies or local public utility companies; Universities, Research Institute.
  • Company members: Companies specialized in trenchless industry or close related to it;
  • Ordinary Members: Freelancer, students, researchers, consultants, as well as Professional Associations, Regional Governments, Provinces Governments, Local Authorities and State Agencies.

All Members are entitled to receive “Italia No dig” and “Trenchless Technology International” magazines free of charge .

Company and Collective members are also often involved in business development activities and working groups like sponsoring conventions, educational and training courses, and exhibitions, all this activities are oriented to boost business opportunities.

To become a IATT member, please complete the following form. All fields are mandatory. If you need any further information or explanation, please contact our Secretariat (Tel: +39 0639721997)

According to the Italian Legislative Decree n° 196/2003, IATT will utilize all your personal details solely for circulation within the company. IATT will not provide such personal details to any other third parties. If you need to modify your personal details, please write directly to IATT – Via Ruggero Fiore n° 41 – 00136 Roma, or send an email to

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