Horizontal Directional Drilling

This allows the laying of polyethylene  or steel pipelines of a diameter of 40-1600mm), used in the supply of all types of subservices (including petrochemical products),

The laying is performed by means of horizontal directional drilling from an entry point to an exit point, without digging trenches.

The technique involves various work phases and can be performed “dry” or “humid” (with adjuvant procedure using a fluid stream of water and bentonite),

–         a pilot bore hole is performed by means of a set  of rods, with a guiding front drilling  head .

–         on reaching the exit pit, an appropriate reamer is fixed to the drill head which allows the widening of the hole to the dimensions required to lay the planned pipeline

When pipe line are laid, the reamer phase of the bore hole can be avoided therefore reducing not only the time needed to carry out the job, but also the dimensions of the machinery utilized, and therefore the worksite area . Directional drilling is particularly adapt when obstacles need to be overcome, such as rivers, canals, large road networks and public areas, and can be used in the consolidation of slopes subject to landslides and the containment of polluted sites. The utilization of this technology can be conditioned by the presence of stones  of notable dimensions or of loose ground, such as gravel. Furthermore, according to the diameter of the pipeline to be laid and the length of the plant to be built, the dimensions of the work site are to be restricted in  urban areas,.

On work completion,  the entry and exit pit are restored.