Cameras and CCTV systems

The technology allows the inspection of the internal surfaces of water, sewer and gas pipelines, as well as tanks, wells and cisterns. It is prevalently used to analyse the pipeline conditions and plan their rehabilitation, insomuch as  it allows the evaluation of real dimensions, and the identification of fractures, intrusions or infiltrations, and eventual illegal connections.

The system consists in motorised colour TV cameras or ones mounted on wire guided carriages provided with a 360 ° axial  rotating head with a 270° transversal exploration,with adjustable lights for pipeline illumination and systems to detect the “fault” dimensions and pipeline slant. The camera is connected to an external control monitor and the information registered can be memorized on magnetic or digital supports (bearings); when gas pipelines are involved , the system must be certified

non deflagrating while with water pipelines every caution must be applied in order to avoid leak occurrence. The dimensions and grade of pipeline blockage can limit the use of this technique.