In order to transform a Country into a modern nation where environmental values and technological innovation combine together, boosting the economic development, expertise and highskilled professionists are required. Today, in the field of “network services”, to be competitive we must give concrete answers to the growing demand for accessibility to services and quality, respecting life and the environment. There is a change in mentality and a growing awareness on advantage deriving form the utilisation of trenchless technologies; they are a useful tool available to Service Providers for developping and maintenance of their network, as well as an effective governence tool or Municipalities allowing them to better plan the intervention on territory.

Based on the above, IATT has developped a highly articulated training plan, which involves the creation of specific professional figures, including through resource retraining, for the revival of the Italian economy and entrepreneurship. Training courses offered by our association are aimed primarily at technical personnel and designers, managers, of private companies, multi-utilities and Public Administration, besides Professional Orders.

Training courses and seminars are conducted both in Italy and abroad and can also be done in cooperation with other relevant structures such as Training Centers, Universities, etc … The training system proposed by IATT is extremely flexible, taylor-made, composed by several “modules” to be combine together according to client’s needs. In addition to the traditional technical matters on trenchless technologies, other subject could be discussed such as current legislation, site safety, economical information, fund raising policies, ecc.

IATT with the cooperation of FORMEDIL (National Training Institute) are also carring forward special training courses for the release of “patent” to HDD and Microtunneling operators. We remind  that the requirement for companies working in trenchless sector  to have staff with a specific patent to operate on complex machines is in accordance to Security Laws on site in DLgs 81/2008. As at tody IATT has released n. 93 patents for HDD operators and n. 17 patents for microtunneling operators.

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