Daily archives: 24 July 2017


In order to transform a Country into a modern nation where environmental values and technological innovation combine together, boosting the economic development, expertise and highskilled professionists are required. Today, in the field of “network services”, to be competitive we must give concrete answers to the growing demand for accessibility to […]

IATT awards the International NO DIG 2019

Washington 11th April 2017. During the Board of Chairmen IATT and ISTT signed the agreement for the organization of the International No Dig 2019. The gleaming city of Florence will host the 37th edition of the International No Dig in the prestigious Fortezza da Basso from September, 30th to October […]


WORK RELATED LEARNING EXPERIENCE In accordance with its mission, IATT has accepted the request of Ministry of Labour and Education (Law 13/7/2015 n. 107) which introduces the obligation for students (attending last three years of high school) to make work-related learning experiences. Based on above law, schools and companies, under […]


PRESENTATION OF NEW TECHNICAL REGULAMENTATION IATT and UNI (Italian National Standard Body) have organized two conferences on June 13th in Milan and July 12th in Rome to present the newly Official Regulations of “Low Environmental Impact underground infrastructures technologies” (UNI/PdR 26_2017) Those documents are the result of a cooperation between […]