Enterprise qualification

IATT together with the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transportation has worked in order to add  in the Laws for tenders (Decree of President of the Republic dated 5/10/2010 N. 207, in force since December 2012) the definition of trenchless technologies, assigned to them a special category called OS35 “low environmental impact works”.

It concerns about a specific type of certification to be requested on tenders.  It’s has been designed around the low environment impact philosophy of no-Dig technologies and applies on the implementation, construction and maintenance of any underground facilities by means of the application of non-invasive technologies.

Based on that and pursuing its mission, IATT has been working to achieve quality and safety, thanks to collaborations with:

  • Italian Standardization Body (UNI) for the issuance of Reference Procedures called PdR;
  • Public Works Office publishing house (DEI) for the issuance of a Price Booklist on trenchless technologies;
  • FORMEDIL, Training Center of ANCE (National Association of Civil Contractors) for the organization of training courses aimed to the release of a “patent” for operators working with HDD and microtunnelling machinery.