IATT, Italian Association for Trenchless Technology, is a non-profit association founded in in 1994 in Italy in order to promote, develop and apply trenchless technologies (no-digging) in: Government Organization, Network agencies, Universities, Companies, and among technicians and researchers. These technologies are based on low environmental impact and environmental friendly techniques.

The Association is affiliated with the ISTT (International Society for Trenchless Technology, an international organization headquartered in London that has 28 other associates representing 33 different countries) and has being appointed for divulgation of No-Dig technologies on the North-African and Middle East countries.

IATT represents major national and international network agencies besides several companies, consultants and experts which works in the field of trenchless technologies.

Our Mission 

IATT’s underlying philosophy is to discover and encourage the use of trenchless system for the installation and repair of underground pipelines, utilities and services. By applying the no dig technologies,  damage to roadways, as well as excavation and earth-moving operations are considerably limited, so the disturbance caused to economic, residential and leisure-time activities are reduced too.

A number of these advanced technological solutions can also be used to reinforce loose slopes that present a risk of landslide, or to reclaim polluted sites, in this way safeguarding environmental resources.

IATT pursue its aims by promoting several activities mainly focused on create the technological awareness needed to increase and disseminate the use of Trenchless Technologies, and by enhancing the knowledge, skills and capabilities of entrepreneurial associated members.